What I’ve picked up so far about the ways of Italians

It is a lot to take in as a Scandinavian girl with all the classic Scandinavian manners, (you know the basics: rather not talk to anyone in the elevator as I’m heading towards my floor – not that there are many elevators here in Italy to actually talk in..) as I’m trying to melt into the multo passionated country of Italy. Although we’re vikings, we’re not so much connected with our emotions as perhaps the Mediterraneans are, or the Italian stallions!

I wouldn’t find myself having a hard time talking to a stranger on the street – (at this very moment in life, I’m more for the opposite actually) it is still difficult trying to take on the Mediterranean living social wise. For one thing, aggression. I know it’s something that comes easily for some people, but I’m not one of them. Not that this is something to add to your personality but a little extra grunge wouldn’t hurt, “a little extra skin on your nose”.. You know? Rome wasn’t buildt in a day, so that has been my mantra since day uno. When angry scooter drivers yells something super Italian as they’re driving by, for no reason at all, it often gets me thinking. Well prima; what is your deal? But also often, what are they expecting in return? I don’t really get angry or annoyed. I’m doing this “give a smile an maybe get a smile back”. But I know it’s not working, they expect more. I’m starting to realize I should give them something back, something with the same medicine. This is kind of an act, a scene taking place in the middle of the morning rush. As much as I really do want to be a good co-actor in this some kind of theater I’m just always ending up just thinking (or saying super quietly); “Well I’m building myself a Florentine attitude here! Catch me another day and you will regret that you said that!!” Maybe I even add a little extra Grr to the end, for sound effects.


(NB: Florentine people often happen to be humble and generous in other cases).

About me

Benvenuti a tutti! My name is Malin and you have just clicked yourself into my travel blog. Or should I say travel/lifestyle/inspirational blog. I’m born and raised in the very west coast of Sweden. I took my necessities just recently and moved myself to Florence. Where randomly also my other half lives. We’re together adapting to our new lives in this city, due to the fact that my other half is actually not from here, but from 20 minutes away – Prato.

I’m sharing my traveling tips and photos, sometimes even a DIY will appear, I have a little fixed passion for creating with my own hands. Not always (Not often at all is what I rather should say) that it turns out to something useful. But nothing is as beautiful as something you’ve created by your own, am I right?

Happy to hear whatever your thoughts are, good as bad. Any tip of what could be useful to know or to hear my experience of something, please write me.
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Late in November last year(!) we spent a whole day wandering around the city of Volterra. As most of the smaller villages here in Tuscany, Volterra had us captured by it’s beautiful surroundings for hours. The only thing I knew about Volterra before I even heard it was a real existing city (terrible I know), was the Volturi. I basically thought Volterra was a picked up name by the author of The Twilight Saga (the books/the movies) to use as a mighty kingdom’s name for vampires. So that’s not the case. At all. Luckily I got this sorted out. The movie wasn’t even filmed in the real Volterra, but in Montepulciano. So who’s trying to fool who really.

I can recommend you coming here if you’re in the neighborhood. It has an incredible view facing some of Tuscany’s wine yards and olive trees. We took a car which made it easy for us to sit down for a late lunch just outside of Volterra (where it’s also cheaper than the tourist prices) in litterally nowhere but still tremendously good food. Thumbs up!